Frederico Maia

Tech Lead & Senior Software Developer
Quave / Pathable

Hey, I'm Fred. I'm software developer since 2008, today working at Quave (a Brazilian company), working at the services division leading a team and developing software for Pathable (an American company).

I'm Brazilian, I lived in Ireland for more than 3 years, and now I'm in Portugal but living my dream of being a digital nomad, travelling and working from new places every month.

I worked in amazing Brazilian companies such as Caelum, TecSinapse, and Petrobras, as well as multinationals such as Equifax and LeasePlan in Ireland. I have extensive experience in Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Today, in addition to continuing my development studies, I'm also dedicated to learning about digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

I'm the creator of the group Nerds na Europa and I create content on my Youtube channel about development and career abroad. With my wife, I also produce videos on Goianos na Irlanda, where we do interviews and share our experience living abroad.